I Pour Life

Posted on Jan 31, 2018 by Trina

I Pour Life is a nonprofit focused on developing people in social isolation. They believe the most effective way to help individuals overcome social isolation is by developing their unique strengths and talents so they can become self-sufficient. Regardless of socioeconomic status, education level, or geographic location, everyone has the same primary need: to be loved. At I Pour Life, their approach is the same for all people: we love, we build trust, we keep families together, and we diagnose people for the good.


Our Mission: 

I Pour Life is a 501 (c)(3) organization providing a hand up not a hand out for sustainability both locally and globally.

Our Vision: 

To equip individuals with the tools to become sustainable which in turn brings dignity to the individual and the entire family. We want people to trust us with their futures.

Our initiatives: 

Focus on developing the most critical individuals in the areas we serve through holistic, sustainable efforts.

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Listen to the interview.

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