Drive Thru Difference

Drive Through Difference

 KWFC would like to ask for your help in something that truly could be one of the most influential movements in the Ozarks.

We want to show the effects of kindness with the KWFC's 'Drive-Thru Difference.'

Maybe today is the day that a mom in the drive thru, a dad at the lunch counter, or a kid at the ice cream shop, has something special happen to them. Maybe it's you that makes it happen.

Make a Drive-Thru Difference
- Download and print the note
- Pay for someone in the drive thru & leave the note.
- Pray to make a difference!

Share your Drive-Thru Difference Story!
- Call 417-319-4891
- Share on Facebook

Maybe today is the day that you'll download this special hand-written note you can pass along to someone who may need some encouragement.

People tell us that they've simply given the note to the person at the drive through window and said, "I want to pay for the person behind me."

The stories of what happens next are amazing. Just a little bit of kindness sometimes can make all the difference.

A Drive Thru Difference.

We would love to hear your stories at 417-319-4891, or on our Facebook page.

Click here to download and print out the Drive Thru Difference Note>