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Andy discovered he wanted to be in radio after a grade school field trip to a local radio station in his hometown. That dream became a reality as he became the afternoon drive host while a senior in high school. Andy has been on the air in Chicago and was once morning man to Europe -- via shortwave radio. He has also programmed and managed stations in South Bend, Indiana, Louisville, Kentucky, and Gainesville, Florida.

Andy loves all styles of music, but southern gospel is his passion. His greatest musical memory is when his regional group opened up for JD Sumner & The Stamps. As Andy was exiting the stage, there stood J.D., grinning from ear-to-ear. He slapped Andy on the chest and said, "Hey -- whoever heard of a red-headed bass singer!" (While laughing.)

Andy is also the bass vocalist for Reign Down.

Andy and his wife, Peggy, have five adult children and five grandchildren.