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  1. Phil Collingsworth- On The Couch With Fouch

    Phil Collingsworth of the Collingsworth Family sits down with Legacy Five member, Matt Fouch, to discuss how the family got started singing, salvation and more!
  2. Worry Ends Where Faith Begins

    In the latest entry in "Lyrically Speaking", Lindsay Terry takes a look at the story behind the song, "Worry Ends Where Faith Begins" from The Whisnants.
  3. NQC Attracts Global Audience

    A global audience from more than 30 countries enjoyed the 2015 edition of the NQC (National Quartet Convention), held last week in Pigeon Forge, TN.
  4. Legacy Five Announce New Tenor

    In a video on Facebook today, Scott Fowler of Legacy Five revealed who would be taking over the role of Tenor for the group.
  5. Dixie Echoes Hire Stephen Adair As Their New Tenor

    The Dixie Echoes sent an email to their newsletter subscribers announcing who their new tenor singer would be.
  6. Ruth Ellen Yates Passes Away (UPDATED)

    Ruth Ellen Yates, long time member of the Chuck Wagon Gang, passed away on October 5th.
  7. The Mt. Rushmore Of Gospel Music

    If there was a Mount Rushmore of Gospel music, who would be on it? Billy tries to tackle this difficult question in his latest entry of "In Other Words".
  8. Lead Me To The Rock

    In the latest entry in "Lyrically Speaking", Lindsay Terry takes a look at the story behind the song, "Lead Me To The Rock" from The Hyssongs.
  9. Daywind Records Welcomes The Hoppers

    Daywind Records is excited to announce the addition of The Hoppers to its roster of talented artists.
  10. Myrtle Beach Gaither Fest Still Taking Place This Weekend

    Bill & Gloria Gaither sent this note regarding the Gaither Fest event in Myrtle Beach this weekend as it pertains to the weather and flooding of the past few days.