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Monday, 31 August 2015 08:46

Morning recap Mon 8/31

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Coca-cola sold its first serving in a basement restaurant of Spence's department store in London, England on August 31, 1900.

The latest victim of Celebrity hoaxes, James Earl Jones (Darth Vader, Mustafa and more) wants you to know that he is NOT dead and the force is still very strong in him!

The Oxford Dictionary has added some interesting new words to it's most recent edition.  "MacGyver", "manspreading", "onboarding" and more make the official list this year - which many think is "awesomesauce".  

Some like it hot, and it could mean living longer!  Click here to learn how spicy foods could lead to years of additional eating.

Are you an "active church member".  There is a difference between attending church and being an active member.  Just ask Donald Trump and the Marble Collegiate Church of Manhattan.

Roosevelt Elementary School is trying to fire teacher Arnold Anderson.  Among other reasons he's been late to class over 111 times.  Click here for his excuse for too many tardies.   He promises to be early from now on if he gets to keep his job.


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