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Favorite Scripture Verse:
For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and the Greek (Romans 1:16)

Name One Thing You Cannot Walk Away From:
Tough call between Chips and Salsa or Pecan Pie! I could eat my weight in Cantina style corn chips and Rotel queso!

Debbie and I were High School sweethearts, and have recently celebrated our 31st Anniversary. We are empty-nesters blessed with three grown sons. One is currently serving in the US Army, the other two have married beautiful brides.  Last year we became grandparents!  We are so grateful for God’s hand on our grand-boy, Titus.  He was born May 2016 at 24 weeks gestational – yes, 4 MONTHS early! You couldn’t tell it today. Titus is happy, healthy and growing! Thank you for your prayers this past year – they worked!

Best Place You Have Traveled:
It’s hard to beat the waters of the Caribbean Sea. The beauty of God’s creative handiwork there … Cozumel, Grand Cayman … the ocean is so beautiful and reminds me of just how small I am and how big God is!

Weirdest Job You Have Ever Had:
The job itself wasn’t weird, but being a pizza delivery driver while going to school allowed me to meet several “unique” people.  I can’t “unsee” some of the craziest things people would wear when answering their door!

Another Job You Would Love to Have for One Day:
President of the United States. Not just for the sake of changing a few things (as many as I could in one day!), but to SEE a few things … things that start with the title “Classified”. I would want to spend my one night in the Lincoln bedroom.

Surprise Us:
I’m a board gamer. I especially love the war games like RISK and AXIS AND ALLIES! My competitive side sometimes gets the best of me with these.

How You Want The World to Remember You:
I hope that when I am remembered it makes people smile and even laugh. I want to make a difference with any life that I spend significant time. I like sharing with others what I have received … encouragement, faith, joy, hope and humor. I hope that everyone I know “well” on earth will share heaven with me. It would be such a waste of this short life to not be ready for eternity.