Listener Stories

Your story matters to God and to us at 89.1 KWFC. We are always hearing about how the right song at the right time impacts your life.

Joanne said, "You have no idea what a blessing your station has been in my life. I am going through a divorce after 32 years of marriage. Never dreamed I would ever be in this position. I have gotten as low as a person could possibly go but the only thing that is keeping my head above water is God!! And He is working through your station to help me. I have every radio in my house and car set to your station."

Hollie wrote, "I love this station, its mission, and song choices. I listen daily as a reminder through the song lyrics of the grace and love my Lord and Savior extends to those who call on His name. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication."

Debbie told us, "Yours is the only station I listen to at home and in my daily commute. So many blessings have been received through songs, messages, and through the radio hosts. Thank you for being that beacon of hope/light and sharing the message of our Savior's grace and mercy."

One couple recently shared, "KWFC is on every day, and we really rely on the music and ministry of this station. (Our dog even likes it! She can tell when the radio is on a different station...) Thank you for all you do. You have really walked with us during some difficult times."

Marsha said, "It seems like the world is spiritually starving and when that touches my heart I know that I can go to KWFC and there will be a feast of inspirational music, prayer, teaching, and preaching and my spirit will be smiling." 

You can share your story of how God has used this station to impact your life. Write us on Facebook, or call the KWFC Story Line at (417) 319-4891.